Nick Semenykhin

Jazz guitarist, composer, arranger

Nick Semenykhin is a NYC-based jazz guitarist, arranger, and composer. Nick was born and raised in Ukraine. In 2015, he moved to New York City to study at The New School for jazz and contemporary music, where he received the Full Scholarship.

Nick collaborated with a lot of musicians in Ukraine. Some of them include (several) Donetsk' jazz orchestras as well as Kharkov's conservatory jazz orchestra. He has performed at many notable performance spaces in Ukraine, such as Donetsk Philarmonic, Kharkiv National Center Of Arts, Kiev’s the International Center of Culture among many others.

In New York, Nick has had the opportunity to be mentored by, and play with well-known artists like Vic Juris, Peter Bernstein, Hal Galper, David Glasser, David Schnitter, Ed Cherry, Dave Stryker, Gilad Hekselman, Richard Boukas and others. Nick can be seen playing locally at Fat Cat, Shrine, Silvana, Rue-B, Anyway Cafe, and other venues around New York.

At The New School Nick has participated in many ensembles and projects. These include but are not limited to: “The Jazz Orchestra” and “Art Blakey Ensemble” under the direction of Charles Tolliver, “Charlie Parker Ensemble” by David Glasser; he participated in the cross-cultural event called “Strings and Woodwinds” in April 2017 under the direction of Richard Boukas. Nick continues to explore the variety of jazz and continues to look for new inspiration


Main photographer: Alissa McPherson